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I think that this game was one of the most underrated entries in the whole Adventure Jam 2016, though I guess I have an explanation for that: On the surface, it might look like a pretty basic collecting adventure, but oh boy, it has so much more to offer. All the secrets of this wonderous world are literally hidden under the sand. I must admit for myself, that I first gave it just a try for like five minutes and then thought "Meh, that's too boring, where's the adventure in that?", but few days later I gave it another try and I've been amazed by it. Not just because of the sweet character art or the art design of the world, but because of the exploration part of the game. One must give it some time to blossom, and then one might witness one of the most atmospherical jam game experiences ever. Thanks for that, dear Renaud. Happily I wrote a recommendation article about your game and uploaded a snippet video of it, but also I included it in our GOTY 2016 list. Neverever stop creating such gems, regardless what the ratings might say. <3

Best wishes,