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Hello !
Are there any aspects that really interest you? All the characters are interesting, the lore is fleshed out and I want to know what happened to Dere.
Are there any aspects that you feel detract from interest? Maybe the classroom part. What we learn about the lore and the way it’s introduced is a good idea but it’s a little dense.
What was your impression of the demo overall? Wanted more!
Did this page present the demo well? Not bad!
Did you find any glitches or bugs that need to be addressed? Lana’s picture is sometime too high, you can see the background where her legs should be. Every now and then - for exemple the scene with the tank booth, or when Dere go to the back alley of the market (scene with Davis) - the characters overlap each other instead of disappearing.
Would you desire or consider helping to fund a kick-starter in relation to this game? Yes.
Any other comments, questions, or feedback?
So the best friends can be Alyth, Lana ou Casidra? I don’t see how Lana could become a friend with your character…
We can date our half-brother?! Ewwwww, no.
Thaddeus’ face on the artwork is kind of strange.
Odryn’s art sometime has black spots.
Can we be friends with everyone or you need to focus on one person to get on their friendship route?
They are some mispells and fatal error, but nothing really bad.

Sorry for the mispells, I'm French. Good luck on your game, I can see that you put a lot of effort on it! I will come back to check the improvements often ;)