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I got to your game page and as far as my first impression goes,  it's pretty good. I like the fact that you have many downloads for different OS. But when I downloaded the game(to be honest I don't appreciate music in background it kinda hurts my head a bit) I didn't how the window resized yet the buttons didn't. Also the buttons are kinda small and plain I mean they don't have good visual stiles to them. When it comes to the actual game though, I'm sorry but it's not that entertaining I mean I can imagine how people who like to solve riddles would play the game yet your game just presents a riddle. It doesn't feel like there is an actual goal besides solving riddles. Your game design knowledge and experience is good but the game idea wasn't the great in my opinion.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, resizing UI elements is certainly something I wanted to do, but I literally was working on polishing the game to the last minute before the deadline. I actually focused more on supporting small screens and windowed mode with things like scroll bars in case the text area got too big, but unfortunately, for big screens with high resolutions, the buttons will appear very small. As for the music, there's a music volume slider in the settings menu.