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So, after a few minutes of playing my computer shut down: just turned off without warning. I turned it back on and started the Librarian again. I sped through what I knew, and got further... then my computer turned off again.

I let my computer idle for a while before without starting the game. No problems came up and a malaware bytes scan detected no problems. I'm not sure what you might need to diagnose whatever was going on. I thought someone here might have had a similar problem. 

Anyway, I watched one of the videos below instead of trying to play. I thought the atmosphere was fantastic, and the pixel art great. I'd love to see something like this in a longer, less linear format.

hmm... weird, I didn't get any other reports of the same issue. Sounds like an overheating problem maybe? If anyone else is experiencing the same behaviour I hope they tell me about it so I can investigate the cause.

In any case, thank you for playing and I'm sorry you couldn't get to the end.