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Though Noah was the one who recommended your game in an article, I want to leave my own words here as well: This jam game was one of the best of the whole year 2017 for me. Not just because it may seem a bit weird or odd on the first glance, but because of its sobriety. I felt very connected with the whole story. To think that one is caught in their own mind without a real exit, to think that you are flooded with dark thoughts and sadness, to think about all the good times you had, which may never come back. For me, this game isn't trippy or about a bad acid trip or something, but instead about one of the darkest states our souls can be in: Depression. You managed to tell a story about it with all the seemingly illogical parts of it, but those who suffer from it, can and will relate to your game. Thank you for that. That's one of the reasons why I simply had to include it to our GOTY 2017 list, because it really meant something to me. I hope other people may get what I wanted to say after watching our playthrough video of your entry. A well deserved 25th place. <3

Best wishes,

Thank you Sebastian. It's an honour for our work to be featured alongside such high quality work. The team are thrilled!

I'm always thrilled as well when I see new games of y'all! You are awesome people. <3