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I just read this article. To be honest, I think you should've just kept episode 2 going down the road it was going and being the same type of gameplay as this game (which I loved). Considering you say this game got good reviews, why change course?

Also, in the article you indicated this was a paid game. Why is it free now? Did something happen?

Hey thanks for the comments @CureLovelyWarrior ! I truly appreciate it.

It took me way to long to make an episode, it would mean I took a few years to create them all and then release them episodically, or release an episode per year. Considering now that I released this episode in 2010 I could have had 7 episodes out by now. 

I made it free in 2017, because I felt it was time to,  I like the idea of more people getting a chance to play it and offer feedback, for when I do eventually release future games in the Lylian universe they can be vast improvements. And  after 7 years since release I wasn't earning enough from it anymore to pay any bills.

Gamersgate now offer it to new subscribers for free ( which is super nice of them.