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In my opinion this game would have been a great fit for the No Shit Sherlock Jam as well, because it was super satisfying to see a detective game with sooo many different outcome possibilities! The running gag with Sgt. Derringer also made me chuckle. :) You have an interesting way of making games and I hope to see more stuff like that from you! Developers make the Bitsy engine and games really interesting for me. That's also why I recommended this lovely game in one of our compilation articles about the oh no (bitsy jam), along with two other interesting games. It's also featured in a related showcase video. :)

Best wishes,

Thank you for the kind words and for the feature! I remember this feature when it first popped up on Twitter. Such recognition is a badge of honor in my mind, so I greatly appreciate that you have included Detective Gumball in your article!


Thank you for the kind reply as well, I'm very glad you think that way and it keeps me going! <3