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First of all, I have to say that your pixel art is simply gorgeous! The remediation of the YouTube UI worked very well and I liked the little secrets here and there. You also have an admirable way of including visual hints what to do instead of just telling that straight-forward - that worked surprisingly well for me! It's a great aesthetical experience and I'm happy that I could play it, that's why I wrote a short article about "ASMR" and also made a playthrough video of it. :) I hope to see more of your games in the future, Dani! Congratulations!

Best wishes,

Thank you very much! 

I also hope to release more games soonish (I'm really busy at the moment, so I haven't even started a new project ^^").

You're welcome. <3 And don't worry too much, one game at a time. :D Take your time. <3