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I already spoke with Colin about the game and you two already know thanks to my article that I liked it, but I want to state it one more time on here: I think it was the most interesting game of the No Shit Sherlock Jam, because it focused on the character of the detective instead of some criminal case. And even though I kind of wished for some 'real' case to solve, I totally appreciate your consequence to not include it. It seemed like a very straight-forward decision for me, like a real design statement, and that's admirable in its own way. You catched the desperation of Marlowe perfectly and it all evolved to a very fascinating atmosphere. So, congratulations, dear Sand Gardeners - you did it again! You made a neat alternative, text-based game and it's a good thingy! Can't wait to see your future games.

I'm so free to add our playthrough video of the game to this comment, in the hope that someone else might find it intriguing enough to find out more about the game. :) Who knows, maybe they might find more secrets about Marlowe and the mystery than I did?

Best wishes,