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God Damn Them All is a journaling game in which you and your friends play out the events of a certain famous shanty.

It's 14 pages, with a solid, consistent visual aesthetic that makes it feel like something out of an old sea journal. It's easy to read, and there's isn't a ton of art, but the art that's included matches the aesthetic perfectly.

To play, you follow the loose structure of the shanty, gaining tokens whenever your luck is foul or your resources are poor. At the end, you can spend tokens to influence a few rolls to determine how your shanty ultimately plays out.

You don't have a lot of control unless you narrate a particularly bleak and dire tale, and even then the most you're going to be able to do is ensure one part of your outcome is somewhat favorable. If the dice are with you, your tale can end extremely happily, but it's not expected.

For GMs and designers, advice on hacking the system is provided, as well as a PbtA conversion via a single move. It's a damn good move, though, and it's practically a whole second microgame within the game.

Overall, if you got caught up in the sea shanty popularity wave and liked it, or if you're looking for something quick and creative to play as a warmup or icebreaker, I'd strongly recommend giving this a shot.

Minor Issues:

-Page 3, "willbe presented", missing space

-Page 4, I got a little bit confused here. It might help to have a "once you have played through all the other sections, roll the dice" line here. I had to read this a few times to realize that you didn't resolve this at the same time as Captain Cries The Town.