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Having just finished the original story and the game this absolutely killed me - it's hilarious. I do wish there was some kind of straight horror version of this though, or something of the sort, because I never really thought about it until now but a Lovecraftian video game where you play as the monster/madness/etc is actually a SUPER cool concept - I've seen things like Carrion before, but they're always some kind of bloody slasher, I can't really think of one that's more psychological. It also seems like a cool idea for an RPGMaker as well, because a lot of them deal with succumbing or madness or some similar theme, but it would be cool to play AS the madness: like playing as the cat or house from The Witch's House, anything else from Yume Nikki, something where you play as the environment instead of the character - like The Shining but you play as The Overlook