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I've done a quick test, and it seems to be some problem with the decrypter. It works without encryption, but the assets aren't returned when using a key. At this very moment I can't fix it, but I'll push a fix as soon as I have a moment -it shouldn't be difficult-. As I sad, I have now more knowledge about cypher than when I started the project. Sorry about it, and thanks for your understanding!

Quick fix in the meantime: can you recompile the respack executable (from github) using the same toolset as the library? In my case just building them with Visual Studio, the encryption works as expected

It didn't work for me. It still says the data is not valid for loading to .png/.mp3. It still works fine with no password. I put it up on github again in case you want to check it out:

The .ps1 files work now (at least on my computer).



I've uploaded a new release. You must run respack.exe again on your assets, but it should work now. Can you please confirm it?

Yes, it works! The zip on itch didn't work, but when I compiled from source, it worked just fine with a password. Thanks a lot!


Thanks to you for you patience and understanding! Your tests have been very helpful to identify and address issues, and to make a better project. Don't be afraid to contact again if you have suggestions or need more support. The fact is nobody is using resourcepacker library, I use it internally inside my own Tilengine, so I don't have feedback of real usage in the wild.

No problem! Thank you very much for addressing the issues so quickly.

I am really glad you made Respacker available, it's just what I was looking for. I was concerned about using other people's assets in my games since many game engines and frameworks require you to put assets next to the compiled .exe. Many royalty free assets have a loose license and they all have different licenses, so I didn't want to cause problems by distributing the asset outside of the derivative work. I saw several things that other devs do, but unfortunately a lot of people resort to things like renaming the file extension & hoping users don't realize they are really .mp3, .png, etc. I also like having a single file for resources instead of an entire tree of folders, it makes everything much cleaner for the user.

I'm really glad you made the library to make it compatible with any c program, not just Tilengine. I have been using Raylib for a little while & am very happy with it, so it's great that I can add it right into my workflow. I am hoping to try out using Tilengine and Raylib together as well at some point in the future. I really like how Tilengine has Tiled so tighly integrated, it seems really easy to use .tmx in your games. I certainly am interested in the graphical effects too. They are very sophisticated & it would be cool to take advantage of that.

So, thanks again! Sorry it was so much trouble just to make things work with mingw-64, but I'm glad the project could be improved by solving that problem.