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Log #5

I'm just gonna go ahead and say in the end, I won't be able finish this game. There are still some dialogue, events, and one or two more rooms that I wanted to add (plus I wasn't even able to create a walking sprite for my main character). I just don't have the time because of my job and I won't have time tomorrow for the deadline. /Sadness

A few things I've learned though:

I really like game development! I'm not particularly good at it since I'm such a beginner, but it's really fun. I'm thankful for this game jam cuz it made me explore game-making and I really want to expand my skills on that now! But next time, I'll probably choose a more versatile engine. I heard GameMaker is a pretty good engine for that. For now, I'm proud of what I was able to learn in RPGmaker and although I didn't meet the goal exactly, I'm happy that I've started something anyway! Hurray! Maybe you'll see me around with a better game in the future. Haha. Thanks for looking and good day. And of course, good luck to fellow jammers. I can't wait to try out some of the games that people worked on :)