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Hi War,

First of all, thanks for buying the game and reporting the bug. Ironically I just had another user report that bug via Twitter this morning and I just finished fixing it a few minutes ago! I'm planning to release the latest version, which will include this fix and a bunch of new features, later this week. All of the code is done but I need to do final testing before release. I'm hoping to have the new version up on Thursday night.

The bug is caused because my region uses a period as a decimal point. Your region must use a comma. The game is trying to load a file that has numbers like "1.5" in it but your region settings make this an invalid number. If you do not live in a country that uses a comma as the decimal separator please let me know! That would mean that I may not have fixed your bug.

Thanks for your patience, I'll have this release tested and posted ASAP!

Didn't expect such a quick answer. It's good to know the fix is coming and especially good to know why the bug happens in the first place. Yes, you are correct, we use commas where I live! Can't wait for a fix, really want to play the game.

Okay, Masteroid v0.9 is posted for PC and should fix your issue! The Mac build won't make it up until tomorrow.

This release added a bunch of new stuff, hopefully I caught any new bugs too! I'd love to hear your likes and dislikes when you get a chance to play. Thanks again for purchasing the game.

Mac version is now posted too. I'll be closing this thread and creating a new one for the new release, v0.9!