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Hello, can you upload minimum graphics version of your game?
Using GameGuru settings:
  1. Bring eveything under "Quality Settings" to 0.
  2. Decrease Camera Distance to 0.
  3. Decrease Fog Nearest and Fog Distance to 0, so you can hide the small draw distance.
  4. Bring everything under "Graphics Options" to 0.
  5. Set all shader options to lowest, Distance Transition and Transition Range to 0.
  6. Bring everything under "Post Effects" to 0.
It would make your game more accessible, especially to those who might not have high PC specs.
On unrelated note: Are there any win zones or win triggers in your game? Or is it just roaming in open-world?

Thanks for the tip. It is only a small OpenWorld prototype. There is no way to win.