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Hi! I have a couple questions. For one, is it allowed to have two main menu images – one a black screen with sprite line art, and the other the in-game CG? Also, can we have a different cover altogether that is not a sprite or in-game CG? Thank you!

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Before answering the first question, the rule is that you can use a CG, but that means you can't use a sprite and a background anymore (since a CG is counted as background+character).

But yes even so you can still have a main menu solid background with lineart (from the CG) as a form of alternate menu, that specific graphics would also be within the rules. But it has to be the lineart from the CG, not a separate sprite line art made specifically for the menu. 

The second question, the cover does not count for the jam limits, that can be anything.

Thanks for the answers! Also, just to be on the safe end, an alternate menu has to be line art from the CG? Can it just be a solid color background then?

Yes, you can have the alternate main menu be just a plain color. There are no restrictions on plain colored backgrounds.