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Frckin cool so far, keep it up, also, what do I have to do? xd

Hi im one of the developers that made this game, in this version you actually dont have a objective, what you can do its try to kill the enemies around but some mechanics aren't working. We apologise, but if you and others players like something in the game or have a sugestion please just say we would love to see your ideias. Hope you like it. And dont forget that we will finish this project for you to see the full game.

(sorry for my bad English xd)

I'm looking forward to see this game full release, do your best in it :D

I can speak spanish to

Thank you. Dont worry, we will.

I can speak a little spanish too.

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Thank you for the support, we really appreciate it! And as 8Bitter said, the game is mostly unplayable . You just walk around and try to kill enemies but the mechanics are pretty much broken so... yeah, sorry about that! ^^' We'll fix this mess later.