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Wow. That was.....awesome. I think the piece you wrote is something that will be different for every person that plays it. We will all take away something different depending on our own experiences. It resonated with me because I too deal with some of the same issues. 3 years ago after dealing with terrible back pain most of my life was diagnosed with lumbar spine stenosis which has left me unable to stand up or walk without he support of equipment. 

At the same exact time I was hospitalized  with a severe case of hypothyroidism which hadn't been caught and left me in a coma. I'm somewhat better now, but still suffer the effects of it all and most likely always will. I'm no longer the person I was, but I AM the person I am now if that makes any sense lol.

Anyways, I really dug your game and hope to see more from you. And I hope life finds you well Ms. White. You deserve it.