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The player starts in a scrapyard in the final hub, moments after Nytro's creation, behind a gate flanked by two other hub world portals that are locked behind gear totals. The final boss door will also be locked behind a gear total. The story will be told implicitly (never explicitly stated). So, the player's introduction to the story is basically a world that seemingly sucks, a bunch of other worlds that illustrate the process worlds take as they transition to that state, and what seems to be the source of it all locked behind a gate.

The game is separated into 3 story arcs and their respective hub worlds. The first depicts nature as something worth protecting and invader robots as threats to nature. The second shows what happens when the invaders establish themselves in a world and change it to suit their needs. In the third and final act, the player arrives in the enemy's territory and discovers why the invaders wanted to leave their home in the first place.

And, no problem! It's cool to talk about. And, doing so helps with coalescing the otherwise jumbled up ideas I have.