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Overall, the active camera mode is a legacy mode that I generally don't recommend using unless you experience issues using other modes. The wobbliness is sort of an inherent quality of such an aggressive camera mode, and the answer that the problem manifested as the lazy camera mode. Active mode was also coded to not recenter when the player is moving directly toward the camera, as to allow looking at something while moving the opposite direction. Although, this functionality might no longer be necessary now that the lazy follow mode is available. So, I might strip that behavior out or add an extra checkbox in the settings to disable it.

The glide jump distance, like in Spyro, is based on how long you've been gliding before initiating the jump. This prevents players from using it as an unintended double jump, allowing them to reach places higher than a single jump would normally allow. This is the case in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, which doesn't scale the hover strength with flight time or distance and consequently has a bunch of sequence-breaking skips. And, the max hover force is unlikely change, because it's already too easy to make it to very distant platforms with it.

I've gone back and forth with the snail's speed a lot. But, this may be its final speed. The intent is for players to give up, play some levels, and then come back to the snail after becoming more skilled with the controls. This provides a sense of progress as a player that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Numbers can tell you how far you've progressed in a game, but nothing compares with feeling improvement as a player first-hand. Of course, that doesn't come across very well when there aren't any other levels to play :P But, I try not to design content intended to exist within a larger context in a bubble. I'll probably revisit the snail's balancing after there are more levels in the demo and I've accumulated a lot of feedback on it.

In general, I would say that Nytro is intended to be a more difficult game than Spyro. It is partially inspired by Dark Souls. So, it will likely be more merciless and require more skill and deliberate action than Spyro, even for equivalent jumps or glides. Although, despite that, I also wanted the controls to be smoother than Spyro's, as is evident from the lack of knockback when charging or gliding into surfaces, the ability to transition from glide jumping to charging, the lack of a falling state that prevents charging, and inertia not preventing instantaneous turns.

Save data can be cleared by deleting the save file in these platform-specific locations:

Windows: %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\OhiraKyou\Nytro
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/OhiraKyou/Nytro
Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/OhiraKyou/Nytro

Spyro's looking around feature is something I might add very late in development. As it is made mostly obsolete by Nytro's extra camera freedom, it is of very low priority.

I named that rock snowman "Rockman" in the scene hierarchy, and now I'm thinking maybe I should give it a mega buster and blue helmet :P

I do have a page in my notes devoted to headbash. I've always thought it would be cool for Nytro to use her jet pack to create the force. But, it's such a niche ability that I would currently say it's unlikely to make an appearance, for the sake narrowing the scope.

Thanks for the feedback! Very detailed and useful. Even the bits I may disagree on now have the potential to ultimately change my mind, if I see them come up enough.