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I love this so much! Hit really close to home tbh. Also, what is Min's gender? I ask because I feel like it's implied they're not cis:

  • Chooses to go to gender-neutral toilet
  • Is angry at being given a "girl toy"
  • Generally is angry at being implied they should be a girl, though a lot of the time it's just because gender roles are being forced onto them

Regardless, I love the game and totally ship Min and Diya :D


Girl ... can't you see it's a lesbian game. //


Don't call people girl if you don't know if they're comfortable with that. And lesbians don't have to be cis. Min could be a nonbinary gender that's not masc-aligned, and Diya and Min could still be lesbians.


you're right. the creator stated on their tumblr that min is non binary and uses she/her pronouns. min is still very much a lesbian either way.