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There is a kingdom hall in my town and everytime I go past it I feel dirty. Maybe because I'm catholic? Maybe because I might not be straight? No, it's because they are scumbags and I'm glad my dad got them away from my home because he works with them for confrices and that. This is what I hate about religion, the most catholic or christen people I know admit that God and the afterlife may not exist. This game encompeses what I hate about religon, discrimination, no understanding or ANYTHING RESEMBLING COMMON SENSE IN THE MOST DEVOTE OF THEM!!! I do like this game a lot though, you did good.

I don't know what a confrices is, but the way you express yourself only diminishes the validity of your point of view. You talk about discrimination, yet it is you who hate something you don't even know.  Also , a true Christian would never admit that God does not exist. They're just contradicting themselves.