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When I go to download this game, which I purchased from groupees, from itch.io it says vindictivedrivedemo? Why does it say demo? I presume I'm not getting the Early Access Version?

Supposedly you are suppose to get access to the Early Access Version? Is the Early Access Version really just the Demo?

Also just to be clear, I presume groupees purchasers eventually get the full version when it is completed, right?

You'll receive an access to full STEAM version from Groupees when it will be available :) As for Itch - there's some bugs around, even game name periodically displayed incorrectly.

No offense, but who are you and what connection are you to this game's development or publication? I was expecting a response from an official person (such as Balthasar02 who is the game's developer). I would like to know who you are, and if you are an official person.

If you are not an official person with this game, then could I please get a response from an official person, such as Balthasar02.

Hello Onlineguy, I just recieved your messege to my blog and noticed the comment here...sorry for the inconvenience, Pinkerator is part of this project; his answer is official, I should have been clearer about this.

Pinkerator responded because he's been on itch longer than me and knows more about that specific issue.

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Thanks for clearifying it for me. I was concerned it was just a regular user responding. But I'm still confused about whether the download is just the demo at the moment or is longer then the demo? When we download the early access version, is it just a 20 minute version of the game or is it more then that? Been downloading other things, and haven't downloaded it yet, so thats why I'm asking. Also I'm on slow broadband (only 1 mbit connection), so it takes me a while to download everything.

Yes...currently the only available download is the version you've had access to, I'm very sorry for the confusion, I'll get it fixed asap. I'm having some problems with the site...

Thank you for your patience and making things a bit clearer for me too.

I don't want to post too many messages, but I just wanted to say a few more things. First I wanted to say thank you to Pinkerator for originally responding to me, and I want to apologize to him if I was being too careful by checking out if he was on the project. Next I wanted to say thankyou to you, Balthasar02 for straightening things out for me. And I want to wish you good luck with the game. It looks like a very nice game so far. Have a good day, both of you.

Thank you so much!