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I feel very bad for people that had to experience things like this. There are way to many over simplifications. Concerning masturbation, what mainstream Christian religious truly tolerates that? As for your brother being disfellowshiped, that's on you and your parents for shunning him completely. You should've helped him instead of ignore him. No one controls your actions. I know adult children who live with their JW parents. I see putter1 commented that his parents don't even know their grandchildren. While I feel bad for them, that's on the parents, not on Jehovah's witnesses. Again, I know plenty of grandparents that bring their grandchildren from their disfellowshiped children to the Kingdom Hall. It's too bad that they assume because their experiences are bad, everyone goes through the same thing. If the man who quits his high paying job to preach more wants to do that and that's what makes him happy, then whats it to you. One of the most blatant inaccuracies in the game was the dad telling you that you can have the nicer house after Armageddon. That just shows what kind of personality the creators father had. Not a humble man at all. I hope that those of you who don't know Jehovah's witnesses don't base your opinions of them on this game. This game distorts the truth about Jehovah's witnesses and misses a lot of key points about them.