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 I recently found some lore from the depths of cut material from the game:

"only to find a dispersed, gaseous form of the water Monster hitting the ceiling, somehow against the basic laws of nature, crying salty tears of despair below a burnt mattress, melted condoms, and some remanents of ash, smoke, and a thick, goopy silvery liquid. They'd say they just couldn't help it in a half burnt, half damp letter left by the drawer - that it was the only way they could express their love for one another. That they'd rather die than maintain abstinence. Personally, I find it amusing, how Monsters associate copulation with love - choosing to succumb to their animalistic desires rather than evolving into higher beings. To the foolish young ones I always say, "We are Monsters, not animals." But, they seldom understand. It was once said that immediately after intercourse, the devil's laughter can be heard. Those who live to tell the tale describe it as the most pleasurable, emotional, poignant experience of their lives. Still, no one in an elementally incompatible, and especially psychologically incompatible, couple has managed to avoid any non-permanent injuries in this process. The famous Monsperean story, "Romonstereo & Julimonet", chronicles the age old romantic tragedy of a beautiful, but sadly doomed love, between a Light monster and a Dark monster. These elements would race against one another.

Their elemental groups grew so competitive that it eventually led to race wars.
An initiative to completely separate sex from love has pushed this mentality via media, products, culture, and subliminal messages for decades, but we still find permanently injured, widowed, and even dead 'opposite couples' - as we call them - in the bedroom. The romantics claim that the risk and pain are worth it - that we live only to love."

I believe that this fossil which  conveniently happened to have legible handwriting in modern English that I also conveniently recovered in the convenient convenience of my backyard which I then got inspected by a friend of mine (who happens to be a professional archaeologist - conveniently of course)  to confirm it was from the Monstinder era is a documentation of one of the many forbidden loves which took place between monsters of different types and in this case, a fire monster making love with a water monster. Opposites attract, but they can also destroy one another.

I wonder what the Monsthor(Monster Author) was like. He sounds like a heartbroken couch surfer.