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I love the game there is nothing i would change about it except two things the first is that Nilfhiem is a little over-powered it took me grinding to level 20 to beat her, it may just be me not having enough skill which may likely be the case but you may want to nerf her a little, that's my opinion at least the second is that i ran into a glitch where the exit to the shop was at the top of the screen so i jumped and dashed to it and got stuck outside the boundary unable to move and the only way to continue was to abandon my run which was sad since i had just gotten the legendary star rod.

Other than these two things i absolutely love this game and i hope to see what you guys create in the future!

Nah you need to have Sword of the vines and gIadiator's sword buff and it's ez pz  ( 1 hp xD)