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Hey Dragonien.
I can´t start the game. I play it in Opera GX.

I would be very glad if you would give it free for download.
Thx ;-)

Although download's are appreciated if the author reads this, I'm currently running the latest version of Opera GX and can play the game just fine even with both adblock and trackerblock turned on. (Windows 10, x64, LVL 2 [75.0.3969.285])

Hey there YellowCubed.
Thx 4 your information. So the issue must be somewhere else.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Hey sorry for the delay! I'm still a bit new to figuring out the specifics to Itch.Io and making things work right, haha

there SHOULD be a download option for the latest version of the game on the page along with the playable browser version. Let me know if that doesn't work for you!