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Did you enjoy it overall?

Yes, I definitely enjoyed this game, I attempted to get every ending; even the bad ones! lol. Love all these characters, they're all very unique.

- What was your favorite part?

I really enjoyed Ginger's inner thoughts and her attempts at flirting. I also love how dynamic and different each male counterpart was. They're all very good story lines.

- What parts could be improved upon?

I noticed some spelling errors and I couldn't get ending #4 even though I did what the guide said to.

- Who was your favorite character?

I loved Ginger(Great lead!) and my favorite guy was probably Radley, but i'm a sucker for childhood best friends ending up together, lol!

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

Yes! I'm about to play C&C right now!

- Any other random comments!

I really like the animation style you went with, dialogue was nice,the overall universe you created was adorable and the way you made it so clear Radley loved Ginger in every story was so perfect yet heartbreaking!