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A really neat concept, but severely limited by the number of keys that most keyboards will be able to register at the same time. I'm normally a fan of unique title screens with cool ways to proceed, but I think that hurt you a lot in this game. Seems like most people who tried it can't get past the title screen.

It took me a while to figure out the shift+ctrl mechanic until the first word that used a letter twice came up. 

This would be tough for a game jam game, but this game needs to have work done on it's word detection. More than once, I would spell a perfectly valid word, but since it wasn't the exact word the game was looking for, I didn't get points.

Thanks for the comments! 

   We recognized (perhaps a little too late) that the keys on the keyboard would severely limit the game. Going forward, I think if we improve upon anything we will try to make it a touch-screen based implementation so that it is less limited.

Sorry to hear there was trouble with the title screen- Our hope was to 'tutorial-ize' the main gameplay in the title screen so people would have to practice each mechanic at least once before starting the game (i.e. holding down letters, using space or enter to score, using shift+ctrl to copy for the word 'START'). It seems like we didn't manage to get that across too effectively.

Thanks again so much for your comments, we really appreciate the feedback!