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Yes, beautiful little game, enjoyed the physics and the quirky narrator.  

A few notes for the dev because I liked it...


The in-air dash seemed to shoot me off at a 45' angle to the right so I couldn't use it.

The 'Oh, he jumped in the water!' (or whatever it was) got a bit annoying, I heard that a few too many times trying to get across the ships. 

My PC did seem to be struggling to run it, tearing, jittering - bit curious considering what it is... and what my PC is - i7, 8GB ram, 4gb GPU

Developer here with an extremely late reply! Thank you for playing and providing feedback. The air dash must have glitched and having more lines for the Narrator would have been great. We did not have time to optimize for other PC's but aside from that I'm glad you enjoyed it!