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Ugh, just finished playing through the entire game with all its endings, and it's just such a gorgeous, gorgeous game. The artwork is sumptuous and I absolutely adore the character designs (both visual and story-wise). I only wish that this game was longer!! The characters have so many wonderful psychological issues to work through, thematic points, and backstory to cover, that I really wished we'd gotten to see more of all of them. I agree with other comments in that I would've loved to see more choices and a more drawn out ending, as the ending in all routes definitely did feel rushed. I also felt let down by Alexei's bad ending (lol), since it wasn't quite as dark and heartwrenching as the other two. Emilio totally had the best endings overall, but Alex was adorable and Gio had such a compelling storyline. 


can you please tell me how to get alexei's and emilio's best ending??  T^T i cant seem to get them at all...