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  • v0.7.7 released 2016/06/12: UI Improvements
  • v0.7.6: Added temporary damage reduction and pickup range effects to player, added temporary weapon damage and firing rate visual effects on beam and bullets, improved boss rush difficulty scaling, improved joystick ui navigation, and fixed mission and level unlock bug
  • v0.7.5: New games now use a different randomized seed; Weapon selection fixes for permadeath mode; Joystick navigation improvements; Tutorial popup is now only in Story Mode:M1:L1
  • v0.7.4: Permadeath Mode (5 missions with 4 levels each); Secondary weapons are now drops in Permadeath mode.; New game selection screen: Story, Action, Permadeath, Boss Rush; Load game screen now allows for deleting saves; Increased base defense and slightly decreased per rank value (still has same max); Increased damage done by Melee Deflector weapon; Reworked Force Deflector weapon (may now be OP); Player icon now flashing yellow on mini map; Darkened animal shadows for improved contrast; Power-ups now strobe; Boss Rush mode now starts with Force Deflector unlocked; Bug fix to Enemy Rammer so once again starts charge with tracking bullets; Improvements to procedural generation (including fix to rare boss room generation crash); Less animals spawning in fountains; Enemy bullets visual distinction vs player bullets; Joystick menu navigation fixes; Added a drop to the final boss
  • v0.7.3: New save game format (and migrator from v0.7.2); Now supports multiple save games; increased base acceleration, slightly reduced increase per rank (same as old at rank 4); M1:L1-4 now has resistance spawners at exit; M1:L5-9 reduced activation time on resistance spawners; Increased activation range on Mission 1 Feedbot Boss
  • v0.7.1: Camera smoothing for keyboard/mouse controls; New Static Camera Zoom option under Settings; Fixed boss rush crash; Separated config files for each mode
  • v0.7.0: Added 1st Boss Fight for Mission 5; Added 2nd Boss Fight for Mission 5; Added Spark Orb converter; Spark Orb improvements; Animal Vat improvements; AI Beam node improvements; Enemy Spawner improvements; Big Spawner doors for large enemy spawning (Spark Orbs); Lowered shotgun bullet damage; Emission texture improvements (less glow); Unified boss death screenshake amounts; Procedural Generation Improvements; Score fixes: and killing hostile animals is good; Pathfinding improvements for slow and fast moving objects, and pathfinding smoothing; Trail Renderer and lighting improvements; Grease distribution improvements; Action Mode: planet generation and naming improvements, and now 6 levels per mission; Boss Rush: added boss scaling to keep challenging; Added Background mode option; Performance and Memory allocation improvements.
  • v0.6.2: Player damage decals, drunken homing randomization, minimap with target animal, shielding target animal on boss levels/tutorial, Mission 4 AI boss fixes, boss barrier activation fixes, spark orb, new song for elephant, song quality setting fixes, animal vat and converted animal fixes, performance improvements, settings page improvements / fullscreen option, lighting/shadow improvements, ui improvements, new save data system.
  • v0.6.1: Lowered number of enemies spawned by resistance spawners from 6 to 2, last two boss fights in Boss Rush are now tag-team random+random, added option (default on) to enable slight Space Zoo rotation during play, music volume bug fix and other minor bugs squished.
  • v0.6.0: New Boss Rush Mode: fight all through all of the bosses and random double boss battle royales; Floating combat text: shows damage being done to enemies / player; New Songs: Title, Credits, and Giraffe; Procedural Generation: procgen and barrier activation improvements for boss levels; Enemies: increased time for Octopus/AI boss fights, increased chase phase time for AI/AI Boss, fixed Drillbot boss so it no longer quickly spawns a crazy number of Drillbots when the player is far away, less starting rocks in Drillbot boss room, slight increases enemy HP, added M5 animal vats and hostile animals; Weapons: Bullet damage bug fix (power-ups were NOT increasing bullet damage), lowered power-up damage co-eff, lowered shotgun and drunken bullet damage, increased laser damage per tick; UI: improved title screen layout, now using ultra sized stars for level select; lighting and shadow tuning; damage decal and grease stain fixes; fountains now turn off when the player is out of range to save water; decreased debris time to live; performance improvements; and bugs squished.
  • v0.5.7: Added on screen joystick navigation hints (DPAD/A/B), updated joystick controls help panel, improvements to player joystick assignment, faster and improved procedural planet generation, path-finding bug fix for deactivated boss barriers, co-op player warp bug fix - should no longer warp player to the outside of the level, bug fix for power-up allocations - should reset on next play, UI improvements, and minor bugs squished.
  • v0.5.6: Power-ups: removed hack defense; Enemies: improvements to octopus boss, new art for octopus sub-boss, added AI boss/sub-boss; Weapons: slight increase to drunken homing bullet damage; Procedural generation: improvements to procedural level generation, added resistence spawners to hubs (activated after saving target animal), tweaks to difficulty flow, firing delay to turrets in zoo entrance room, now procedurally generating mission and level names (missions 2-5: mining, scrapyard, mainframe ai, space lab), added loading screen during procedural planet generation, added ultra size for stars (title screen star), procedural star improvements; Scoring: larger score multiplier, score multiplier reset by killing animal, increase score multiplier by saving animals/killing enemies, increased boss base score, score multiplier applies to time score; UI: improvements to button/UI colors, added loading screen during procedural generation, increased title drop shadow, procedurally generated star on title screen, font character/kerning fixes; Pathfinding improvements; Lowered barrier debris; Map caching re-enabled (Windows bug seems to be fixed); and Bug fixes.
  • v0.5.5: Tuned Drillbot Boss fight, new art for Octopus Boss and tuned fight, path finding fixes, increased base/rank physical defense, increased enemy laser range, co-op camera improvements, procgen improvements, UI improvements, and bug fixes.
  • v0.5.4: Added initial octopus mini boss and boss for M3 (not final art); new gibs for animals; added boss damage decals; increased boss barrier HP; weapon damage balancing: increased damage on bullets/homing bullets/shotgun bullets and removed laser damage penalty vs barriers; fixed bug where destroying animals/enemies with bullets did not report score; slightly increased base damage reduction; procedural generation improvements to difficulty curves, spawn node, and boss rooms; improved joystick/player joining/leaving; UI improvements; fixed weapon selection not saving with mouse; co-op camera fixes; shader fixes; now hiding Unity resolution dialog and forcing single instance, and bug fixes.
  • v0.5.3: Environmental shadows, new animals: bear, chicken, iguana, rhino, zebra and elephant, new songs, bug fixes.
  • v0.5.2: Improvements to enemy swarmer and goo; smoothed out bullet homing; and bug fixes for Windows 10 and Linux.
  • v0.5.1: improved mission 1 boss fight and art; co-op: individual scores, upgrades, and power-up selections; co-op: improved player ui and joystick handling; co-op: animals collected by a player are released when the player explodes; added heart icon to target animal/player carrying target animal; added space debris; improved goo art; improved emission lighting, shaders, and tiles; and improved enemy behavior and path finding.
  • v0.5.0: local co-op for 1-4 players, 6 new battle songs, player and enemy weapon improvements, new enemies (Drill bot boss, animal converters), Mission 2 boss fight, procedural generation improvements, mission 1 level tuning, new talky: Space Ant, and lighting and performance improvements (this is a massive update).
  • v0.4.6: procedurally generated sun and planets, new enemy turrets: single and laser, new animals: bee, goat, raccoon, whale, score multiplier, new talkies: Miner and AI, new power-up/research UI, improved laser collision and sparkle, barrier triggers, bullet homing improvements, tutorial improvements and streamlining, and performance improvements
  • v0.4.5: animated atmospheric backgrounds, lighting performance improvements
  • v0.4.4: new swarm enemy (and much goo!), joystick detection improvements
  • v0.4.3: Lighting improvements, Laser improvements, drill bot bug fix.
  • v0.4.2: Dynamic lighting, destructible walls and objects, drill bot mini-boss, falling rocks, grease from gibs, laser improvements and more!
  • v0.4.1: Persistent secondary weapon selection, slightly increased player traction, joystick menu navigation improvements, HUD improvements, and tutorial improvements
  • v0.4.0: Twin stick improvements (it's awesome now!), new animal animations, new art, two new enemy types, two new weapons, procedurally generated levels for Missions 2-5, and performance improvements.
  • v0.3.6: Twin-stick joystick improvements
  • v0.3.4: Full twin-stick joystick support and its so very awesome!
  • v0.3.0: Daily Space Zoo challenge, new power-up system, joystick improvements, performance improvements
  • v0.2.3: Difficulty tuning, added shadows, visible barrier damage
  • v0.2.2c: Lighting bug fix, new improved contrast background art
  • v0.2.2b: Added Melee Deflector and Combat Sparkle Text
  • v0.2.2: Added secondary weapon selector and bullet trails
  • v0.2.1f: First public release