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I found out about this game while randomly browsing, and it barely took half of the game's runtime for it to become my favorite visual novel ever. 

There's so, so much to love about this story. The characters are three-dimensional, interesting and emotionally evocative, even the ones that we've barely had the chance to interact with thus far.

Lucy is a delight of a protagonist, and her low self-image has a clear effect on the narration, which I'm in love with. She also feels very trans-coded to me, but that's just my headcanon.
For now >:))

I have a lot of thoughts about this story as a whole, but there's less than half a day before Episode 2 comes out, so I'll save the longer review for after I finish it. 

All in all, this is an amazing visual novel and I'm glad to have found out about it and I'm ecstatic to learn more about the world and these characters.