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For the Steam keys from the bundle:

1.  You had to have attempted to install the game before it was removed from the bundle.

2. Open the game's page on your browser, and there should be a new download button on top.

Thx for this.  It was the first game I tried to download from the bundle lol

Deleted 1 year ago
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Hey, I downloaded the game (meaning the PDF with the Steam instructions) and still have it in my itch library. I am not seeing a download button on your itch page, nor have I heard any news on receiving a Steam key. I tried following the instructions below, but was only sent to the website for the game, which didn't really lead me anywhere. Am I supposed to be getting the key emailed to me by itch, or how exactly is this supposed to work? What does the download button, if found and clicked, do?

EDIT: I just realized this message should perhaps have been a reply to one of Day Lane's messages, but whoever has a good answer will be met with great appreciation.