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I'm getting error "Unknown command echo" on the AmigaDOS prompt when booting off disk 1 on a Gotek floppy emulator.  Disk 0 starts booting but hangs at a black screen.

My Amiga 500 is an NTSC system, stock Kickstart 1.3 with 1Mb chip + 1.5Mb slow RAM.

Any suggestion on how to address these issues?  Does this game require a different Kickstart version?

Update: I figured out that I can manually launch the 'BD' executable from the AmigaDOS prompt after that error. It proceeds to load the main menu, I start a new game, it asks for Disk 2, proceeds to a loading splash screen, but after a good minute or so of activity the computer crashes into a Guru Meditation every time.  The memory address where it crashes seems random each time.

Update#2: The crashes were a problem with my memory configuration.  What remain are 1. booting from BDR0 hangs at a black screen, and 2. the BD executable has to manually launched when booting from BDR1.  Anyhow, I can enjoy the game now. :)

Update#3: The problems with the intro disk and startup error seems to have been on Kickstart 1.3 only. When booting my machine with Kickstart 3.1, both disk 0 and disk 1 launch without errors. You may want to consider adding full compatibility for Kickstart 1.3 users!