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and your graphic card is?

Well,i don't now how to solve your problem cause my computer have 1g ram and it use an on-board graphic card and it have 2.50 ghz

Deleted 1 year ago

My PC is:

AMD FX 4.00 Ghz 8-Core

16 RAM 64bit OS

It runs all sorts of other games just fine. In this one the character only move one or two fps.  I used the download from the website to get a copy. When I try to launch after install from the itch app, it says "Error: spawn EACCES".

Could I get a refund please?

Sorry for the late reply, and sorry to hear the game doesn't run well on your machine - I know how frustrating that can be.
Itch doesn't have a refund system, but if you contact me at jesse[at] we'll sort it out.