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i love the game's visuals and the little bit of the story i've seen so far; but heres the reason why i havent played all the way through yet:

for one, even though the game is meant to be relaxing, the boat goes too slowly even for that- it felt like i was pressing the boat through really thick mud instead of water.

the other reason, is because there should be a simple pause functionality. I pressed escape to pause, then the main menu loaded. thinking this was a pause screen, i hit escape again to un-pause it, but the game simply closed.


turns out, i wasnt even that far from the end anyways. game is too short. i want more like this. :) also, ever heard of a youtube channel called thehonestguys? they are a meditation channel mostly. i imagined the text being read by them- that said, that would be a great addition to the game, if you could comission them or otherwise get them to narrate the text in the game. :D