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I know, there's a reason I said "accessible".  Sure, technically, once there's code, a windows user "only" has to install python, pygame, and PIL, THEN download my tarball and run it.  That's fine for linux users (not because linux users are hardcore, it's /actually a lot easier/ to install pygame and PIL, and python is already installed), but windows users will be installing three programs they may never use again from different websites just to play a silly internet game.

My question was more about, is there a history of Py2Exe working well under wine, or can it cross-build to windows from linux?  Is there a different path (or specific way of using Py2Exe) that will save a lot of time?  Basically asking if anyone's already done the yak-shaving on porting to "easy" windows, because any given hour of yak-shaving I save goes straight into game features.

Basically, I'm asking if any one knows the "smart and easy way" to do this thing that I'm sure I can figure out how to do, possibly the hard way.