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I've sent this demo to so many of my friends.

They are excited for the end product.

Please make other main weapons.  I wanna go hand to hand ala Maria from Saturn SOTN.  Getting some speed boots, also in Saturn SOTN, and then doing a running jump kick through two skeletons or zombies crossing paths on the same platform would be AWESOME!

Please make the slide like SOTN whereby holding the second down+jump goes through the enemies, and tapping the second down+jump instead hits and causes the backward somersault animation. 

The whipping to cause falling columns were GREAT ! ! !  I loved hitting the falling skulls from the skeletons. The wall cling and slide down was so cool.

Konami ain't got shit on you.  I hope there is a demon like boss in an underground area cause you nailed that wet dark drippy atmosphere so well.

Anywhere we can buy the ost?  Bandcamp?