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Log #2

Mmkay, so far in this engine:

  • I've learned a bit about shift+click mapping which is useful!
  • been searching mostly for bg music too
  • I've read/watched helpful tutorials about events and switches. But i still need to learn more about it. i'm still confused a bit
  • I wrote down the maps that i want to make. so far I have 5 rooms planned + a simple hallway map (not sure how this will all turn out because my assets are still quite limited)
  • i learned a little bit about parallax mapping

The image below is all parallaxed. It's not particularly interesting, but I wanted to combine certain tiles with one another. I also wanted to move items in certain areas which was not possible with regular mapping in RPGmaker...

Also, my placeholder character shown below is able to go behind the laptop screen (instead of above it) and that was thanks to parallaxing.

yay but

New problem: when i go to a different map, the laptop overlay image is still there (bottom right). LOL.

not sure how to fix that but I have errands to do, so I'll come back to it later. and gonna try drawing character portraits.