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No Love's Land is about two battle robots falling for each other in the far future.

It's 20 pages with a clean, readable layout and some nice robot illustrations.

Also, and I can't stress this enough, every bit and byte of the game is charming. The writing is sweet. The art and layout manages to pull off a sort of technical manual look, which is great comedy when paired with the writing. And the cuteness of the gameplay leaves those two elements in the dust.

To play No Love's Land, you build a pillow fort. Your partner builds a pillow fort. You raise flags and throw objects back and forth.

In the fiction, this is happening because your programming would force you to fight if you got close, so you're inscribing flirty messages on artillery shells instead. The more messages you exchange, the closer you get to disabling the programming keeping you apart.

Also, in sort of a rare twist for a trpg about robots and romance, this one ends happily.

Overall, if you want a game that's sweet and romantic and funny, I cannot recommend this enough.