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okay, just thought id throw out my initial thoughts haha, and yeah, i was basically thinking ahead to when you might end up letting the player move multiple tiles in which case it would be a select where you move type thing most likely, but still makes sense, since you are building for PC though one thought is to use the qweadzxc system instead of the wasd system, plus then you could even use s to skip a turn and save space to interact or activate something... or s could make you go up/down the stairs

btw another thought to mix things up, make some creatures (rats, small spiders, and such) run from the player and take loot/keys with them, but attack really hard when cornered or try to escape through holes, that way players could attempt to survive early levels with less loot/xp/stuff but more safely, but as they go along less creatures will fear you and the lack of grinding would add up.