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Will we get a key if we purchased the bundle after the game was removed or is it only for people that purchased it before then? I had heard the game would be included but didn't get around to purchasing until now...


same here!


Yeah me too :(


Sorry, unfortunately Itch won't allow us to enable key access for the people who bought the bundle after the game was removed.
However, this Tuesday or Wednesday LimboLane will be creating our own Smile For Me sale to benefit the same Palestinian Relief funds. Keep an eye out for our game to be steeply discounted next week!


I bought the bundle in the first few hours when all games were automatically added to our libraries. I didn't get to re-adding the game manually after they undid that, so I hope I still get a chance to play this game. :)


I will definatly keep an eye out for the sale thank you! I'm excited to try your game!


I bought the bundle before the game was removed but I can't find the Steam key and now it looks like I don't have the game in my purchases at all!


Did you attempt to download the game before it was removed from the bundle? Itch only allowed us to enable keys for the people who tried to download the game in the bundle. Sorry to hear this happened to you!

Ahhh, no I didn't (had no idea that this would be a factor).

Anyway, sorry  you had to deal with the hassle but thank-you for supporting this bundle! =)