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TLDR; Hell yeah, Obelisk! Is this Obelisk?

Liskheads rejoice! I literally flipped out when I saw this game on here. My friends and I were so into this game as kids. My dad helped me build a computer so I could play it at home. Been looking for an emulator for years!

It's good, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like there's stuff missing in this version. I think Google Fiber is part of the problem. There's always a bit of a let down when you go back and play a nostalgic game, but this game is weirdly vacant. My friends and I based SO much of our identity on this game. We jammed to 8-bit Rammstein because of this game, we had so many inside jokes about marjoram oil and the wand of slanderousness, we role played the Realm of 9 Stones in the cafeteria despite being pelted with stale bread rolls by the popular kids, we never shut up about astral projection...I still refer to places I do or don't vibe with as peaceful or ominous land. You needed insulated mitts to play without getting burned by the hot joystick, so I taught myself how to sew and was able to quit babysitting because I made pretty decent money selling StickMitts and cloaks to friends and at Dragon's Lair in Austin. The game was a true classic. Right? This version is barely lukewarm.

Maybe I've become to jaded with age, but I feel so empty playing this now. Or maybe I just feel confused.