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If anyone is contemplating on whether to play this or not, download it!! This game is amazing, each route has a different story so it doesn't get boring. There's so much gameplay and so many characters to fall in love with, each of the side characters are so interesting! 

The art is phenomenal. For a game that can be downloaded for free, the quality is amazing. Each CG and sprite are so beautifully designed and drawn, I was so amazed when I first played. 

The music and background music is also outstanding!! The music made me feel so immersed into the game and at times actually made me feel a bit scared @@ The opening music and scene is so well made, this whole game feels so professional.

I loved each route, although Sachiro and Kurato will always remain my fav :> I was so sad when I found out the side characters remained as side characters >_> They were all so unique and I found myself wanting more of them all!! <33

Overall, this was a fantastic game. The art, the music, the story, everything was so fun!! Totally recommend this game ^^