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Good job allowing you to take damage, but I tried this game again and now the damage stops at like 10% of my health bar filled and i'm invincible after that and take no more damage, so I never die.  So the same thing...   God mode.  Zzzzz.   

Hehe, I WANT TO DIE darn it!  ;-)  

Hey Zaxtor! 

Thanks again so much on the feedack. I apologize because we actually haven't uploaded it yet as we were fixing some other bugs. We have fixed the health issue and will upload it today. If you haven't already, get the itch app because from there the game will always be up-to-date without you having to re-download =) 

The challenge is coming! More enemies, better progression, we're working on it all =)

Thanks for the feeback!


We have just updated the game. If you can and wish, please test it again, the health issue should be fixed by now, as well as some other adjustments. You can see the corrections on the devlog. If you don't see the update yet, try restarting your itch client.

Thank you!