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There are several problems with as it is right now. The first problem it has that the game does not save the progress of the player , second problem is that there is no button to reset your shot after its fired you need to wait until it goes away at some point which is painfull to watch sometimes and the last problem is that the yellow being too random at some parts of the Game you just shoot and pray to rng gods it reaches to the Dot which leaves you with no thinking just shoot and pray that yellows don't screw you over.

But overall its a decent game that was made in 48 hours i believe if the developers had more time in their hands they would think about the problems i mentioned but alas the problems are there to notice right now. And as a friend of the one developer i felt that i was obligated to write these problems to here so they can improve as developers.

And i wanted to add to the first problem i noticed that its the kind of a game you don't need to save but as a player that at somepoint of the game i accidently closed the game and it left me with no joy to play all over again.