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I like the graphics and gameplay but two things...

1) You cannot die!  Ugh, nothing makes a game more boring than having absolutely ZERO challenge.  Zzzzz.  Please fix this ASAP!

2) Only ONE map, only two mobs to kill that I've seen with a 3 different power-up attacks.  It needs more.. Hopefully more content is planned and since it's early in development this is very understandable.  The God mode never dying or taking damage however needs fixed ASAP as I stated in point #1

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Hey Zaxtor! 

Thanks a lot for reporting these things! This Health bug were reported more than once but oddly enough it didn't appear in our testings. We  will fix this no longer than tomorrow! Thanks again. Please report if you find more bugs like that, those will be fixed in no-time =). 

Did the health bug appear every match or just some of them?

Regarding content, yeah, will have a bunch of things planned, some are already implemented but not very balanced, so we are adding them over time. Did you download through the itch windows client? That way the game will automatically update, which is very handy, we'll be updating probably on a daily basis. 

Thanks a lot! Feel free to report or ask us anything at all.