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it's nice to see queer people making games containing queer issues, but in my opinion, the presentation of this game unfortunately embodies everything that is wrong with queer identity politics at the moment. extremely shallow characters — flawless queers, unidimensionally flawed straights. the queer issues in the game are also dealt with at a very low level of reflection, merely rehashing the most basic notions of the current cultural discussion about the concept of the gender binary and portraying the conservative side as silly, evil, and without any legitimacy whatsoever. no efforts made to include any internal conflicts, compelling exchange of ideas or anything else that would have given the plot depth. queer and progressive values are not brought into the world by antagonizing heterosexuals and conservatives, my friends.

ok in terms of visuals and music.

gameplay next to non-existent, as in many rpg maker shorts.

wouldn't recommend unless you are a queer person in dire need of self-indulgent empowerment.


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