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Since I've seen only bug issues being mentionned in the comments, I'd like to make things clear and say that despite some technical issues here and there, this game is great and pretty immersive. I enjoyed diving into its universe.

I found the combat system really clever on my first playthrough ; jumping on heads to steal weapons, weapon durability and blocking later in the game deepens this system, and I found it really cool. Finding all the different weapons was enjoyable and I've had fun seeing what each can do, as well as discovering all the enemies and character designs.

The game's atmosphere is why I'd recommend it to anyone. Dialogue is nearly inexistant, but the few people you meet and where you meet them only pushes the feel of "the end". The soundtrack, also great, I especially loved how out of place a track was with a precise underwater boss.

Although I've had little to no minor problems with the game myself sometimes (or at least not for worthe mentioning), I encountered a "glitch" in particular which was kind of a bother ; the second time you come back to the first zone of the game with the snow and all, by messing around and wanting to access the door you were supposed to go through (that was now blocked with some blocks), I managed to go through the door and couldn't go back ; had to do the beginning part of the game again, because if I tried to go back, the blocks would just kill me because I'd spawn inside them.